Technology & Devices Are Always Changing

Let eGuide Tech Allies help fill in the gaps of your technology. Stressing the relationship you and your team have with technology, we create efficiencies and more powerful users. 

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Our Mission

To keep our clients tech savvy by enriching lives and growing businesses through technology consulting, implementation, and training.

When technological advancement can go up so exponentially, I do think there’s a risk of losing sight of the fact that tech should serve humanity, not the other way around
— Tim Cook

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Our Core Values

  • Do something that helps someone.

  • Have fun. Be you.

  • Learn & Teach.

  • Finish what you start.


Our Promise - The five 'C'-s

eGuide holds itself to the highest service standards and strives to achieve the following goals with each project: 

  • Courteous, patient, and hospitable service

  • Creative and cohesive analysis, implementation, and training

  • Customizable approach to fit client’s needs and timeline

  • Concise communication & project management

  • Continued partnership following the completion of a project