eGuide Takes You Through Trello

We've talked about the features and functionality ( that Trello has to offer, and now you can see us actually walk through the program! 

In the video below you will see eGuide Tech Allies owner, Gregory Perrine walk through how to set up an account, and get going with Trello: 

  • Walk through setting up a new Trello Board
  • See functionality of Trello for individuals and teams
  • Learn how to create task lists, set due dates, and communicate effectively with your team
  • Understand how to utilize Trello Powerups to get more out of your boards
  • Walk through attaching files to Trello Cards, setting cover images, and how to integrate Google Drive and DropBox

We love helping clients design boards and lists that make managing workflow and tasks a breeze. If there's anything that we can do to help with your business or life we would love to chat!