Grammarly: Your Personalized English Teacher

Grammarly: Your Personalized English Teacher

Facebook and G-Chat are just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to the modern apps that allow us to write and present a vast array of texts and responses. Grammarly is a grammar checking software that realizes the multifacetedness of modern communication, thus providing a service which allows us to manage our grammar from LinkedIn, Messenger, Salesforce, and beyond.

eGuide Tech Allies Tops the List of IT Service Providers in Chicago!


We are thrilled to announce that eGuide Tech Allies have been named one of Chicago’s top B2B companies in their 2019 report.

 Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews website located in Washington, D.C. Their mission is to connect business buyers with service providers through a transparent and efficient process. Clutch analysts interview clients to get an objective and verified account of what it is like to work with each company. The ratings are determined by the reviews along with a number of other factors, including market presence, capabilities, and results. Here’s a quick look at one of the reviews you can find on our profile:


Because of quality work like this previous job, we have scored among their top IT consulting services in Chicago.

 We also rank highly on a second site run by Clutch called The Manifest. It focuses on helping businesses grow by publishing business news and surveys and providing industry insights. The Manifest lists us among Chicago’s top web design companies.

 Clutch’s third site, Visual Objects, allows companies to present a portfolio of their past work. This can prove helpful to web designers by giving a quick glimpse into the work that they produce. Companies are divided by category and location to help buyers find the best fit.

Once again, it is an honor to be recognized as one of the best at what we do. We are looking forward to another year of successful business partnerships facilitated by Clutch. Contact us today to see what solutions we can provide for your company!


Work Smarter, Not Harder With These Free Apps

Work Smarter, Not Harder With These Free Apps

New Year, New…

New year, new you, right? It’s the mantra that’s chanted from every Starbucks loving millennial (including myself — literally sipping from a Starbucks cup as I type) from just before the ball drops to the the end of January. It’s the time where we focus on going back to the gym, improving ourselves, trying a diet, doing a health challenge, the list goes on. But what about your technology habits?

When’s the last time you’ve backed up your device?

When’s the last time you’ve update your apps?

Shouldn’t healthy technology habits hit somewhere towards the top of the priority and resolution list as well?

Squarespace Putting Skin Into The Email Marketing Game

Squarespace Putting Skin Into The Email Marketing Game

Watch out MailChimp...

Squarespace announced in June that it would be adding email marketing tools to its already design-focused platform, allowing users to seamless turn their subscribers into buyers through a few clicks of a button. 

So instead of having to integrate your subscriber list to MailChimp, familiarize yourself with another platform, and then try to remember yet another password to login and send an email blast, you can do it form the comfort of your Squarespace dashboard. 

Google’s Infamous Cloud & GSuite

Google’s Infamous Cloud & GSuite

What is the cloud?

By eGuide's Omar Hutchens

It’s 2018 and people are still not sure what it is. To put it short, it’s a hard drive in the sky. A remote location that has your data that you can access from anywhere ( depending on the service and the application you are using). That’s it! Nothing complicated and no IT jargon that is hard to understand. That being said, let’s talk about services...

New iPad More Organization!

New iPad More Organization!

What does a busy day look for you? 

By Omar Hutchens

The second we wake up, and before we even decide to get out of bed we instinctively look at the clock. Time is a driver in our lives and getting the things on our agenda done is very important. Staying on top of that agenda is difficult when there are many moving parts with a small business or busy life...

eGuide Takes You Through Trello

eGuide Takes You Through Trello

We've talked about the features and functionality ( that Trello has to offer, and now you can see us actually walk through the program! 

In the video below you will see eGuide Tech Allies owner, Gregory Perrine walk through how to set up an account, and get going with Trello

Trello | Project Management Made Easy

Trello | Project Management Made Easy

With emails piling up in your inbox, apps pushing notifications through every few moments, and group text conversations blowing up from last weekend's festivities, it's no wonder why many people have technology paralysis and can't seem to complete a simple project or task. 

Enter Trello.

Google Chrome - Activating Your Home Button

Cracking the Chrome Code

Sometimes settings in Google's Chrome Browser are a little less than intuitive. Say you want a home button, something that used to be standard on all browsers. Well on Chrome it's a little hidden depending on how your account is set up. 

Chrome Home Button - White Paper

We've created a white paper to walk you through the steps of activating your home button, and also assigning a specific website to open upon clicking. The directions are below, and you can also download the white paper HERE

  1. Click the setting button at the top of your chrome browser (three dots on top of each other at upper right hand side beneath your user name)
  2. Click Settings within the drop down menu
  3. Scroll to Appearance in the new page that appears
  4. Enable the home button
  5. Click on the second option
  6. Type in the link you would like to open when the home button is clicked
  7. Click the home button to test the link