Who We Are


Gregory Perrine

Tech sherpa. Avid troubleshooter. Eternal student. Greg was inspired by his grandmother's experience with technology and launched eGuide Tech Allies. With over a decade in sales experience, Greg honed his business skills in the world of high-end off premise catering and events, learning the ins and outs of operating a small business. Greg brings his passion for helping others and enriching the lives of those around him to the core of this business. 


Omar Hutchens
Director of Operations

Omar is on the hunt for knowledge which has spurred his career in technology. With a passion for learning and spreading that knowledge to those around him, Omar leads eGuide operations with a passion for problem-solving and efficiency. With experience in corporate and small business IT, Omar combines experience and understanding with a focus on collaboration to ensure that clients are investing in solutions that make the most sense to their business, and that eGuide is practicing what it preaches.