Webinar - Newsletters

Nikki from Feminest and Gregory from eGuide Tech Allies are combining forces to get your newsletter in tip top shape!

How the webinar will go down: 

7:30 - Log into Zoom introduce everyone!

7:45 - Before you start - get some goals around what you want from sending out your newsletter!

7:50 - The List - How to start it and grow it

8:00 - The Content - What to put in your newsletter? And common mistakes

8:10 - The Design - It's all in the details

8:20 - Launch Day! - Get all those last minute things in order like optimal times to actually send the thing!

8:30 - The Data - What quantitative and qualitative milestones you should be looking for

8:40 - Q&A - Have questions? We've got answers!

8:50/9 - Goodbye!


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