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Small business owners wear every hat of the business from CEO to CMO and everything in between. eGuide helps small businesses create efficiencies through existing technology and introducing new systems. Let us help keep you and your business tech savvy. 

Our Core Competency 

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Choosing the right web host and design greatly impacts your digital brand. Putting together a website that showcases your brand does not have to be a daunting task. eGuide takes a hand on approach and guides you through the process of defining your brand and building a site that is a true reflection of your business. When the site goes live, eGuide trains you or your team on how to manage the content giving you the power to update autonomously. 




CRM Systems

A clients' relationship with your business is a full circle, one with many intricate parts. Optimizing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems is the best way to ensure that the relationship is successful, where both you and your customer benefit. eGuide will work closely with your team to gather and analyze applicable data to improve customer relations, help you develop meaningful reports, and get data working for you. The result is increased rates of customer retention and sales revenue.


SOP / eGuides

As a small business, eGuide understands the resources needed to continue to grow the busiess. Efficiency in operations is key, especially with a smaller team. We will work hands on with your team to understand the systems you're using and the operations of your business. From there we'll work on optimizing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) so that even the most complex operations of your business can be carried out as efficiently as possible and that your team has the references they need to train and on-board new support. Afterwards, eGuide will work hands on in order to ensure that your team has a comfortable understanding of the new systems and procedures. 


Organic Seo

Sinking tons of money into Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can add up to a huge expense for a small business. Using organic search engine optimization (SEO) should be the first step. eGuide takes the time to understand your brand, define keywords that make the most sense for growth, and design content that is friendly for web crawlers. The result is an increase in SEO without spending the monthly budget on paid keyword searches.





Proposal Software Tools

From business proposals to sales contracts, the documentation behind any small business is key to understanding and keeping track of how the business is being ran. eGuide will work with your small business to determine the best proposal software tools to organize and manage the documentation behind your business. Afterwards, eGuide will train your team on how to operate these new tools. Your team will be left with a set of tools that make running the business even more efficient. 


System Migration

Change should not be feared, especially when its for the better. eGuide will work hands-on with your team to ensure that all necessary data is smoothly transferred from one system to the other: managing the project as a whole, and helping your business meet migration deadlines. eGuide will train your team on the new systems and serve as a helpful resource throughout the whole transition. Thereby leaving your team with a new and efficient operating system along with the capability to use it. 


Social Media strategy

If your company has a presence on any form of Social Media, there should also be a clear, goal-oriented strategy behind that presence. eGuide will work with your Social Media Operator to evaluate how each platform is being used. From there on, eGuide will work closely with your team to form a strategy and
a series of planned posts to enhance your business' Social Media Presence. The result is an increase in social media traffic resulting in increased sales and buzz around your company.



Presentation Design

Visualization is everything. In order to believe in a business, you should be able to see the vision behind it. This begins with Marketing Tools such as website design and newsletters. eGuide works hands on with your team in order to create presentation designs that showcase your business in a way which drives sales and traffic and visually tells the consumer all about your business. Your team is left with aesthetically pleasing presentation designs which tell a story about the Business. 


On Boarding & Training

Most of eGuide's services consist of changing and optimizing systems. However, that's just the beginning. We come along for the whole journey in order to ensure that once the changes occur, every member of the team has a thorough understanding of the new systems and is fully capable of using them. We will work hands on through training sessions and the creation of training modules so that the process is easy to follow, and can be replicated for future on-boarding purposes. 

Our Small Business Clients

Case Studies

The Paramount Group_eGuide Tech Allies

It's All About Workflow

Off-premise catering has a multitude of moving parts from sales to execution and everything in between. The more efficient the operation, the better the outcome. This is where we started the conversation. Utilizing one of the industry’s premier catering software systems, we set out to create efficiencies in how the team sells, produces, distributes, and executes an event. Stressing the importance of automation we developed ways for the culinary team to draft reports that helped identify the needs of the coming days and to establish more accurate food ordering and costing. We developed digital menus that were able to link to reports and provide accurate metrics of what items were being sold, allowing us to spend time on the menu items that mattered, and less on developing in the dark.

The fun didn’t stop there, we turned up the dial on user familiarity making sure that the team knew how to run queries and reports that answered questions that mattered: How much did I close last week? Who is my top performing client? How long does it take a proposal to close? Who is referring business to me? This led to a more educated team that was able to act on facts vs. ideas. As the business continues to grow we strengthen our partnership through on-going projects that continue to help drive revenue and create efficiency.