Non-Profit Support

Non-Profits have a wide array of obligations. eGuide helps non-profits adopt and adjust to to the best technologies so that they can focus on the true mission of their organization. 

Our Core Competency

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Donor Management Systems

eGuide understands how critical it is to maintain successful relationships with donors. Doing so is paramount to carrying out the mission of your non-profit. Pairing the right donor management system with effective training and on-boarding for your team can create a transparent environment that will help you hit your fundraising goals. eGuide will work with your team in order to determine the best donor management system to fit the needs of your non-profit. Afterward, we'll stay on board to ensure that your team is fully capable of using it to optimize your fundraising efforts moving forward


Technology Procurement

Choosing the right tech and IT Systems can make or break any business as it heavily influences the operations of a company and the level of efficiency in which they're done. eGuide understands tech solutions and non-profits. Therefore, we can ensure that the tech procurement that occurs for the organization both enhances your non-profit and works with the current systems in place. We will also be there to work hands-on with the training and implementation of any new technology added to the organization.


IT support

Whether it's enhancing your current IT infrastructure or migrating to a new operation completely, understanding and working with tech systems and their many complexities can be difficult. Layer that ontop of trying to run a non-profit at the same time, the task can easily become daunting. eGuide works hands on with you and your team in order to ensure that you have the support needed to solve various tech issues that may arise. As a result, you can focus on what matters most: the mission and impact of your non-profit.



Once new systems are in place, maintaining them can sometimes become another obstacle. We understand that maintaining IT systems may not be in the realm of what your team does or a main focus of your non-profit. Therefore, eGuide can stay on-board and work to maintain the IT systems that your non-profit uses, giving you piece of mind and confidence to continue to grow the organization.

Training & On-Boarding

Choosing the systems that work best for the mission of your non-profit is just the beginning. We work hands on with your team in order to ensure that you all are fully up to speed with the new systems in place and that they're working for the benefit of your organization. eGuide serves as a resource through in person and digital training sessions to make the transitions as smooth as possible. 

System Migrations

Change should not be feared, especially when it's for the better. eGuide will work hands-on with your team to ensure that all necessary data is smoothly transferred from one system to the other: managing the project as a whole and helping your organization meet migration deadlines. eGuide will train your team on the new systems and serve as a helpful resource throughout the whole transition. Thereby leaving your team with a new and efficient operating system along with the capability to use it. 

Our clients

Case Studies


Growing should not be painful.

In under a year The Surge Institute has grown from a team of six operating out of a co-working space, to a growing team of over twelve now with a dedicated office in both Chicago and Oakland. Establishing a true partnership, we’ve become a trusted advisor in the technology growth of the organization: establishing standards within their operating systems, implementing expense tracking software, unifying on-boarding processes, and rolling out project management software.

Through technology we are able to support the mission behind the organization: To educate and develop leaders of color who create transformative change in urban education, giving the team the tools to spend more time on development efforts and less time on figuring out what technology is the right fit for their organization On call, and hands on, we know the organization as if we were a part of it and take pride in the strides we are taking to impact the world.