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Small Business Technology With Greg Perrrine

"There needs to be people out there who are helping others with the technology that they used. That's still very much a passion of mine. But, as I got my business started it really became this medium of working with small businesses, entrepreneurs and really impacting how their business operates using the technology in place"

Meet Gregory Perrine of eGuide Tech Allies in Ukrainian Village

"My philosophy on life is to take opportunities as they come, set goals, and surpass expectations. I’m a part of that generation that grew up with technology, and although millennials are getting somewhat of a bad rap, I was raised by hardworking parents that instilled in me work-ethic, the value of a dollar, and seeing projects through to the end. All qualities I use in business every day."

Co-host of the Ignited Podcast

eGuide Owner, Gregory Perrine, co-hosts the Ignited Podcast and sits down with restaurant owners and chefs in Chicago and Houston to talk about their journey as an entrepreneur, the struggles and roadblocks they've overcome, and what keeps them passionate about their craft.