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eGuide believes in helping small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. We have seen businesses and organizations persevere through the challenges of creating something out of nothing, and we are constantly inspired by the passion and the determination it takes to make a business work. 

When running a lean organization, every dollar matters. We know that all too well. $5,000 could mean new computers, a new project management platform, an updated website, or even making payroll through a slower month. 

The organizations that eGuide partners with are impacting the world, providing for families, and fulfilling the American Dream. This is our way to help ideas come to life, to break down barriers, and to continue to grow and impact the world. 

eGuide Grant | Support Small Business

What is the eGuide Grant

The eGuide Grant is a $5,000 grant awarded to accredited Non-profit Organizations and Small Businesses. Through community donations and a contribution of $20 from every eGuide sale, the grant is continually funded over time. 

How It Works

Once the $5,000 goal is achieved eGuide opens the door to have qualified organizations submit an application for review. Following the close of the application process, eGuide takes to an in-depth review process of all applications, selecting the top three applicants. 

The top three candidates have the opportunity to pitch their business to a panel of judges at a "Shark Tank" inspired event. Following the pitches, the panel chooses and awards the top candidate the Grant! 

Then it's back to square one, securing the next $5,000 and repeating the process. 

Become A Part Of The Process

If you have a passion for supporting small business, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, you can become a part of the process. No donation is too small, and the quicker we fill the gauge the quicker we get to gift the grant to a deserving organization. 


Donate today and support the American Dream! 


Apply For The Grant

The grant application will open when the goal above is achieved. Subscribe below to be alerted when the application is live.