A Customized Approach to
Technology Solutions

eGuide focuses on the big picture: sourcing, preparing, and implementing systems that work with your existing processes. Before we begin any project we take the time to get to know your operation, identify where efficiencies can be created, and work to develop a plan that makes sense for the operation.  


Systems & Workflow Review

The conversation starts here. The first step to a successful project is understanding the current workflow, what pain points and frustrations exist with current technology, and where the efficiencies could be created through new processes and technology tools. 

Project Planning & Architecture

Once we know your business and have identified and triaged the most important issues, we will build a comprehensive project plan to set things in motion. Identifying deliverables and metrics that will provide valuable insights into the project and ensure that all involved are aligned to get the job done. 


Implementation & Training

Whether it is establishing new systems integrations, workflows, or entirely new operating systems, eGuide will manage the process along side you. This "hands-on" approach will be rooted in training and understanding for those managing the process after the project's completion. Once the new systems are established we'll on-board users through live training and supplemental "eGuides". 

User Assessment & Systems Audit

Just because a solution has been implemented, does not mean the project is complete. After an identified period of time, we'll complete a system's audit. Through this process we will identify users that may need supplemental training, along with any discrepancies and issues in workflow or technology. 


Impact & Refinement

With the new system enhancements, you will be able to confidently and more efficiently manage your operation. eGuide emphasizes partnerships and will remain as an extention of your team to ensure that any refinement that may need to occur can come from a source that is already familiar with your processes, policies, and technology.