iPhone Messages

Stop Blowing Up Your Phone - #TechTipTuesday

A iDevice Notification for EVERYTHING. 

Every new game, on-demand service, social media, or utility app wants to send you push notifications. It wants to flood you with reminders that you have not paid enough attention to your device yet today, and that those are phantom vibrations you are feeling, they are just your apps poking you to pay attention to them. 

Enough is enough

From your iDevice's settings you can control the madness. Accessing the notifications section of settings allow you to turn on and off notifications for any app on your phone. For native apps like Messages, you have some other great options that edit the way you are notified. 

So from what could be a buzz or a ping every three minutes, can be reduced to just a buzz when you receive a text message, or just banner when your Uber is arriving. 

Learn how to adjust your notification settings on this week's eGuide Tech Allies Insider

Stop Hoarding Old Texts

With full screen animations, funny GIFs, and group text chains that seem to alert you every 15 seconds -- we are a texting nation! Without you even knowing, your messages app eats up more and more of your storage every day.

Reduce & Refresh Messages NOW.

The how to video below will walk through two tricks that will help significantly reduce the size of the Messages App. Create more space, and make sure your phone is able to always stay up to date! 

Manage iPhone Storage

New year, New...iPhone

Has you been that person? The one who hands off their phone to a stranger to take a group picture? And as they so kindly wait for everyone to strike a pose, and press the capture button,  are met with a "Cannot Take Photo" window? 

Cannot Take Photo

We've all been there. It seems no matter how large the iPhone memory is, we will eventually continue to download, and download, until we reach capacity. 

Here's a way to help manage your storage: 

Knowledge is power. Watch this video to learn what apps are taking up the most space on your phone, and delete unnecessary ones!