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Help! My iPhone is Frozen - #TechTipTuesday

Sometimes Restarting is the Only Option

Has your phone ever frozen? This typically happens when there's a glitch in an app that causes the screen to freeze. Depending on the severity of the error the display may not respond to touch, to pressing the home key, or in the most extreme cases, even responding to the power button. 

If and when this happens to you a force restart is the best option. 

Learn How To Do A Force Restart Here: 

iDevice Live Photo

Double check -- your Live Photo Feature may be on. 

With the update to the new iOS10 for iDevices, I discovered that a lot of people didn't know what a Live Photo was, nor how to enable or disable the feature on their phone. 

Don't send a "not so flattering" live photo selfie.

Since a live photo captures a brief video just before and after a photo is taken. It's not uncommon to get the not so polished side of your selfie. 

Do send live photo pictures of babies

Sending a live photo of a baby or toddler captures the cute reaction of getting that sought after smile to wash over the little one's face, allowing the person you are sharing the picture with to experience that as well. 

Learn how to control the feature here: 

Stop Hoarding Old Texts

With full screen animations, funny GIFs, and group text chains that seem to alert you every 15 seconds -- we are a texting nation! Without you even knowing, your messages app eats up more and more of your storage every day.

Reduce & Refresh Messages NOW.

The how to video below will walk through two tricks that will help significantly reduce the size of the Messages App. Create more space, and make sure your phone is able to always stay up to date!