iPhone Hacks

Control Your Calendar -- #TechTipTuesday

Are you getting duplicate calendar notifications?

It's not un-common, especially if you are using gmail calendars, to have duplicate notifications for upcoming meetings. An easy update can fix this issue. 

By opening your calendars and un-checking the duplicate calendars you will only display one version of the same event, and in-turn only get one notification. 

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Do Not Disturb - #TechTipTuesday

Make Dinner Time about Dinner

On every iPhone there is a little moon icon that will prevent calls and notifications from interrupting your time.  It's called the "Do Not Disturb" (DND) feature. This little button can allow you to be focused in meetings, actually eat dinner with your family at the dinner table, and let you sleep more sound. 

You can customize the settings as well

DND does not have to be just "on" or "off". Accessing the function in settings allows you to further customize the rules, and even automatically turn on at a specified window of time. 

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Stop Blowing Up Your Phone - #TechTipTuesday

A iDevice Notification for EVERYTHING. 

Every new game, on-demand service, social media, or utility app wants to send you push notifications. It wants to flood you with reminders that you have not paid enough attention to your device yet today, and that those are phantom vibrations you are feeling, they are just your apps poking you to pay attention to them. 

Enough is enough

From your iDevice's settings you can control the madness. Accessing the notifications section of settings allow you to turn on and off notifications for any app on your phone. For native apps like Messages, you have some other great options that edit the way you are notified. 

So from what could be a buzz or a ping every three minutes, can be reduced to just a buzz when you receive a text message, or just banner when your Uber is arriving. 

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"Hey Siri" You're So Fine... #TechTipTuesday

"Hey Siri" *Clap Clap, Clap* "Hey Siri"

This past holiday season Amazon & Google swept the market with their personal home assistants, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. At first glance, it seemed like Apple had missed out on their opportunity to edge out the competition in this realm. That was until the smart device that everyone already owned was already capable of many of the same functions as the competition. 

Voice Command is as Simple as One, Two, Siri. 

Through adjusting the Siri setting on your iDevice you can voice activate Siri even if your phone is locked. This become super useful if your hands are full with a baby, or groceries, or heaven forbid you've fallen or you are in an emergency situation. 

Using the command "Hey Siri" will activate Siri and allow you to do anything that you would normal do through manually activating this function. From timers, to calls, to directions, and checking the weather -- all can be done with without touching your device. 

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iPhone 3D Touch - #TechTipTuesday

Using iPhone's 3D Touch

Quickly navigate to taking a selfie. See what's up next on your calendar. Check the weather without opening the weather app. Set a timer. 

All of these can be done quickly through using 3D Touch. 

With the iPhone 6s came 3D touch technology. Basically an additional navigation control based on the amount of pressure you using to touch the screen. Also available on the iWatch, the 3D touch technology gives yet another way to more efficiently navigate through apps on your iDevice. 

Learn How to Activate 3D Touch on your iDevice

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