iPhone Controls

AssistiveTouch -- #TechTipTuesday

A Digital Home Button

Did you know that using your iDevice's AssistiveTouch feature you can create a digital and interactive home button your iPhone Screen? 

It's great should you ever lose the ability to use your home button due to dropping your phone or water damage. 

Here's How to Activate AssitiveTouch:

iPhone Calculator Backspace -- #TechTipTuesday

Don't Restart That Calculator Equation

There's no need to start from scratch if you've made an error while entering an equation in your iDevice's Calculator. Unlike a traditional calculator all you have to do is swipe on the actual output field to delete the last figure entered. 

Ease the frustration in your life, and save time with this simple iDevice Trick! 

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Customize your iPhone Dictionary -- #TechTipTuesday

You can text even faster! 

Living in the setting of your iPhone is a little known tool that can prompt a full sentence at the click of a few letters. 

Turn OMW into "On my Way" or TTYL into "Talk to you later" at a click of a button. What ever commonly used phrase you need can be programed in seconds. 

This works well for app names as well! 

Excited to tell your friends about the latest app, but it seems to be missing a vowel, so your phone always corrects it to something different? The customizable dictionary is a perfect solution for this as well. 

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Control Your Calendar -- #TechTipTuesday

Are you getting duplicate calendar notifications?

It's not un-common, especially if you are using gmail calendars, to have duplicate notifications for upcoming meetings. An easy update can fix this issue. 

By opening your calendars and un-checking the duplicate calendars you will only display one version of the same event, and in-turn only get one notification. 

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Learn how with this helpful video: 

Help! My iPhone is Frozen - #TechTipTuesday

Sometimes Restarting is the Only Option

Has your phone ever frozen? This typically happens when there's a glitch in an app that causes the screen to freeze. Depending on the severity of the error the display may not respond to touch, to pressing the home key, or in the most extreme cases, even responding to the power button. 

If and when this happens to you a force restart is the best option. 

Learn How To Do A Force Restart Here: 

Do Not Disturb - #TechTipTuesday

Make Dinner Time about Dinner

On every iPhone there is a little moon icon that will prevent calls and notifications from interrupting your time.  It's called the "Do Not Disturb" (DND) feature. This little button can allow you to be focused in meetings, actually eat dinner with your family at the dinner table, and let you sleep more sound. 

You can customize the settings as well

DND does not have to be just "on" or "off". Accessing the function in settings allows you to further customize the rules, and even automatically turn on at a specified window of time. 

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"Hey Siri" You're So Fine... #TechTipTuesday

"Hey Siri" *Clap Clap, Clap* "Hey Siri"

This past holiday season Amazon & Google swept the market with their personal home assistants, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. At first glance, it seemed like Apple had missed out on their opportunity to edge out the competition in this realm. That was until the smart device that everyone already owned was already capable of many of the same functions as the competition. 

Voice Command is as Simple as One, Two, Siri. 

Through adjusting the Siri setting on your iDevice you can voice activate Siri even if your phone is locked. This become super useful if your hands are full with a baby, or groceries, or heaven forbid you've fallen or you are in an emergency situation. 

Using the command "Hey Siri" will activate Siri and allow you to do anything that you would normal do through manually activating this function. From timers, to calls, to directions, and checking the weather -- all can be done with without touching your device. 

Learn how to enable the command on this week's eGuide Tech Allies Insider: 


iPhone 3D Touch - #TechTipTuesday

Using iPhone's 3D Touch

Quickly navigate to taking a selfie. See what's up next on your calendar. Check the weather without opening the weather app. Set a timer. 

All of these can be done quickly through using 3D Touch. 

With the iPhone 6s came 3D touch technology. Basically an additional navigation control based on the amount of pressure you using to touch the screen. Also available on the iWatch, the 3D touch technology gives yet another way to more efficiently navigate through apps on your iDevice. 

Learn How to Activate 3D Touch on your iDevice

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iPhone Medical ID - #TechTipTuesday

In Case Of An Emergency

You are taking the dog for a walk. The route you typically go takes you near a busy intersection. It's a Friday, and you can sense that drivers and pedestrians alike are itching to start their weekend. As the light turns, you see the walk sign appear. Just then a car whips through the intersection, T-boning a blue sedan that had begun to go straight through the green light. 

Traffic comes to a halt, and everyone around you freezes. You tell a stranger to hold on to the leash, and you run to the cars to see if anyone is hurt. As you approach the T-boned car you look in the driver's window to find a middle aged woman, unconscious with blood coming from her head. You scream to the person holding your dog to call 911, and then call out to the woman. She's unresponsive. 

You see her iPhone on the passenger's side floor, and run to the other side of the car to grab it. From there you press the home button, and then the word "emergency". There you see a "medical ID" button.

Her name's Maria, she's 47 years old. She has no known allergies, is an organ donor, and her blood type is O+. You scan the information, and call out her name, there's no response. You press the name Manny, listed as her husband in her emergency contacts. 

You tell Manny that his wife was just in a car accident, and that the paramedics were on the way. Just then Maria comes to, she's dazed and in shock. You tell her your name, and that help is on the way. You say you have Manny on the phone, and you give the phone over to Maria. She walks away with a concussion and a few stitches, but will forever remember you and your ability to comfort her by knowing how to get to her emergency contact information.  

A Medical ID could save a life. It's important to set up yours on your iDevice today, and know how to access it from a device's lock screen. 

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iPhone Ring & Text Tones -- #TechTipTuesday

Is your phone always on silent? 

Do you want to know who's calling without looking at your phone? 

Want to set a custom ring tone for a certain someone? 

Custom ring tones, text tones, and vibrations are a great way to be alerted to who is calling without having to look at your device. IOS gives you the ability to set a custom tone and vibration for specific contacts in your device. This flexibility gives you the ability to assign specific ring and text tones, along with custom vibrations for each contact. 

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