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Techweek Chicago 2017

An evening with CEO of Tech Week: Amanda Signorelli

Amanda Signorelli, CEO Techweek

Amanda Signorelli, CEO Techweek

Amanda strikes me as a person who cleaned house on the debate team in high school. Extremely poised, well-spoken, realistic and quick to answer, this new CEO of Techweek could talk circles around anyone on what seemed to be any topic thrown her way.

Amanda grew up in Vegas, attended Washington University in St. Louis, took a job selling booths for a trade show at a venture capital firm, and climbed her way up to CEO all before the age of 30. 

To be able to sit in an intimate setting for some Q&A with this incredible woman, was an absolute honor. The evening was hosted by Ivy: The Social University at PianoForte Studios in Chicago. 

The Takeaways: 

  • There is most likely a tech bubble. People are using venture capital, manipulating the numbers on paper, but if you look behind the numbers of some of these big tech start ups, there is no possibility for long term profitability
  • The idea of tech is changing -- what used to be systems, wires, servers, and electronics, is now becoming something used for everyday by everyone. 
  • When expanding into other markets, the on the ground research -- getting to know the community before launching, is vital. Success comes from being able to rely on community advocates to add credibility to your cause. 
  • Tech is still a male driven industry, and it may be partly because a lot of the teachers are male. Increasing the amount of female teachers in tech, could allow female students to identify better with instructors. 
  • Sometimes venture capital is not the answer. Venture capital does not care about the business it cares about the results. It's up to the business owner(s) to achieve the results even if those results are way beyond reach. 

Chicago Auto Show 2017 | Chevy Bolt EV

One year away from Driverless Technology it seems... 

This Chicago Auto Show 2017 seems to be one year away from actualizing game changing technology that will shape the way we drive.

With concept cars that are still toting electric capabilities, longer driving times, and faster charging times, it was the Chevy Bolt EV that alluded to the next chapter of driving.

A video of a Chevy Bolt EV equipped with Cruise Automation Software, a GM owned driverless technology, was on display navigating the streets of San Francisco. In the video you can see a drivers hands never touch the wheel as the car makes complex stops, turns, and even crosses on coming traffic.

According to an ABC report, General Motors President Dan Ammann stated, "The business is changing and we want to lead this change "

What the car has to offer

The Bolt EV has other advancements that make it an ideal choice for driverless technology:

  • Completely Electric
  • Driving capabilities of over 200 miles on a single charge
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility
  • Bluetooth
  • Rear camera mirror
  • 4G LTE hotspot
  • Infotainment system
  • 10.2-inch touchscreen display
  • 360-degree camera
  • Navigation system
  • Remote start

Whether or not we will ever see flying cars, this game changing technology will have an impact on how we treat our travel in years to come.

Check out the video below!

Find out more about the Chevy Bolt EV HERE