"Hey Siri" You're So Fine... #TechTipTuesday

"Hey Siri" *Clap Clap, Clap* "Hey Siri"

This past holiday season Amazon & Google swept the market with their personal home assistants, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. At first glance, it seemed like Apple had missed out on their opportunity to edge out the competition in this realm. That was until the smart device that everyone already owned was already capable of many of the same functions as the competition. 

Voice Command is as Simple as One, Two, Siri. 

Through adjusting the Siri setting on your iDevice you can voice activate Siri even if your phone is locked. This become super useful if your hands are full with a baby, or groceries, or heaven forbid you've fallen or you are in an emergency situation. 

Using the command "Hey Siri" will activate Siri and allow you to do anything that you would normal do through manually activating this function. From timers, to calls, to directions, and checking the weather -- all can be done with without touching your device. 

Learn how to enable the command on this week's eGuide Tech Allies Insider: