Professional Apps

Digital Stalking Made Easy

Use this app to come prepared for any meeting.

If you are in any sort of sales or development position, have you ever been thrown into a last minute meeting with a stranger at the request of your boss? Or have you gotten connected to a new lead through a pre-existing contact, but don't really know all that much about them? 

Well there's a free app that does all of the digital stalking you would do on your own. Before you take a step into a meeting, the app sends you both an email and push notification with all of that information in one place. 

It's called Charlie:

By linking your LinkedIn, Calendar, Facebook, Salesforce Account, Email, and Twitter accounts, Charlie will scour those outlets informing you of both personal and professional items of interest for anyone you have a meeting scheduled with. 

Charlie will suggest what interests you may have in common with that person. What company highlights you may be able to bring up in the conversation, and if the person you are meeting with has been featured in any published articles. 

Not only does this open up some time in your schedule, but it will also make you look like a well researched profession in any meeting.

Don't be weird, though.

Part of being a successful sales or development professional is being able to weave in topics with the person you are meeting with without forcing it, and having the meeting turn into an interview. 

We recommend glancing through the email and the app before you walk into a meeting, choosing a few things to catalog in the back of your head to bring up throughout the meeting, and then don't reference it again until the meeting is over.

Just because you DO know a fair amount of things about the person you are meeting with, DOES NOT mean you have to interrogate them, or regurgitate all of the research you have done back to them.