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How To Wipe an Apple Computer

Start From Scratch

If you are a small business owner and are utilizing Apple laptops and systems for you team, you may find yourself in a position to completely clear a computer for a new employee. 

Follow our step by step instructions on your White Paper HERE or below: 

1. Restart Computer & Hold ‘Command & R’


Make sure to do this before the computer chimes the restart sound. This will access “recovery mode”

2. In macOS Utilities Select “Disk Utility”

  • In Disk Utility Find the Hard Drive (Should be the first thing listed on the panel on the left side of the screen)
  • Select the second option listed (this has all of the files that are currently on the hard drive)
  • Find “Erase” on the top bar and click
  • Rename Hard Drive the same name as it was prior
  • Leave all other fields as is
  • Click “Apply” This will erase all files on the computer.

3. Restart Computer & Hold ‘Command & R’ Again

This will bring up the MacOS Utilities Again


4. Reinstall MacOS

  • In macOS Utilities Select Reinstall macOS
  •  Choose the hard drive you would like to install the OS on (should be the one you just named) and press next.
  • Follow on-screen prompts
  • Will take roughly 30 - 40 minutes


Wiping a computer this way will remove ALL files and programs from the system including Microsoft office, adobe programs, and mac office programs.

Stop Hoarding Old Texts

With full screen animations, funny GIFs, and group text chains that seem to alert you every 15 seconds -- we are a texting nation! Without you even knowing, your messages app eats up more and more of your storage every day.

Reduce & Refresh Messages NOW.

The how to video below will walk through two tricks that will help significantly reduce the size of the Messages App. Create more space, and make sure your phone is able to always stay up to date! 

Manage iPhone Storage

New year, New...iPhone

Has you been that person? The one who hands off their phone to a stranger to take a group picture? And as they so kindly wait for everyone to strike a pose, and press the capture button,  are met with a "Cannot Take Photo" window? 

Cannot Take Photo

We've all been there. It seems no matter how large the iPhone memory is, we will eventually continue to download, and download, until we reach capacity. 

Here's a way to help manage your storage: 

Knowledge is power. Watch this video to learn what apps are taking up the most space on your phone, and delete unnecessary ones! 

iDevice Search Spotlight

Search iMessage, Mail, and Apps on your iDevice

There are multiple ways to search your iPhone, iPad, or iDevice. On this eGuide Tech Allies Insider we will show you how to search your iDevice. 

  • This is useful in finding information stored within an iMessage conversation or email chain.
  • Finding results on the internet without opening an application
  • Searching your phone while running an application
  • Finding applications within your iDevice


iPhone Screenshot

It's as easy as 1,2,3... 

  • Find your iPhone Home Button
  • Find your iPhone Lock Button
  • Press Both Simultaneously

If your screen flashed, then you just took a picture of what ever was displayed on your iPhone. You can find the photo in your Photos app. 

Here's a video tutorial showing you the steps: 


When is the last time you re-organized your iPhone Screen?

App Folders for your iPhone are a great way to keep you from having to swipe through 8 pages of apps to find the one you are looking for.

Yes, I know you can use search to find the app you are looking for, but don't lie to me and tell me that you always swipe three times and click somewhere in the middle of the page to find your Uber App, or have 15 games you played non-stop for a week, and then have not touched it since.

Check out this Tutorial to Learn How to Organize your iPhone Apps:



Send GIFs Directly From iMessage

Are you using a third party app to send GIFs?

There's no need! With iOS 10 you can send GIFs directly from iMessage. No more downloading and activating keyboards, or copying and pasting from searches! Follow this tutorial to find out how.