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Save Battery Life on your iPhone or iPad

iDevice Apps Are Fun...

But they also drain your battery life. Did you know that even though you may have exited out of an app on you device, it could still be running in the background. Apps that refresh in the background of your phone drain your battery power.  

Learn how to completely close an iPhone or iPad App

The process is simple, but without thinking of doing it, it's easy to start racking up the running applications. Follow these simple steps to increase your battery life today! 


Stay in Control of your iDevice

iPhone's Control Panel Helps You Navigate Efficiently

Many people know the iPhone Control Panel for the flashlight and airplane mode feature. But do you know this is where you can quickly set a timer for 1 minute? Or lock the orientation of your device's screen. 

The iPhone Control Panel has continued to evolve along with the OS for iPhone's and iPads. On This week's eGuide Tech Insider we explore what each icon does, and also how to quickly access your audio controls from your control panel. 

Take a look and enjoy! 

Free Yourself From Photos Storage

Let go, Let Google...Photos

Yes, while iCloud is convenient for sharing your photo library between iDevices and making sure that you have things automatically backed up. It's a bit of a challenge to delete a photo from your phone, without it also being deleted from iCloud. 

Well the solution is easy -- Google Photos automatically syncs with your iDevice Library: uploading pictures to the cloud, so that you can delete the original and free up some more space on your iPhone or iPad. Google Photos isn't the only one that does this, if you are an Amazon Prime user: Prime Photos is an alternative solution. And there is always setting up your Dropbox to auto sync with your iPhone Library as well. 

Needless to say -- get the originals off your Phone. There is little to no time we are left without Wifi or LTE that we won't be able to pull them from a cloud based storage solution. 

Photo Storage Tips for iPhone

Here are some other useful iDevice Photo tips to make sure you are optimizing your storage! 


For a full reference of cloud storage solutions, check out this great comparison:

Feel free to put some comments with questions below, or shoot us an email. We'd love to chat! 

Set or Change your iPhone Passcode

Have you ever noticed someone who has an word or phrase set as their iPhone Passcode, or a 6-digit code, vs. a 4-digit code? 

In this eGuide Tech Allies Insider we'll cover how to adjust your iPhone Passcode to ensure you are staying secure! 

Here's How: