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App Review: Christmas List

There are 37 Shopping Days Left before Christmas

If you are like me, shopping for the holidays sounds fun in theory, but as the days tick away, I always find myself running down to the wire, scrambling for that one "hard to buy for person". 

There's an App for that -- Enter Christmas List

Christmas List retails for $1.99 in the App Store and is designed to help you keep tabs on your holiday to-do list. 

So it's $1.99 to create a list in a fancy format? 

At the end of the day, yes. But there are some great features that extend beyond pen and paper or a spreadsheet.

Here are some highlights: 

  • Groups: You can easily organize your family, friends, and colleagues into separate groups and pull from your contacts for further automation
  • Budgets: After inputting contacts you can easily set a gift budget per person
  • Progress Update: You can easily check the status of your purchasing through the progress section.
  • Sharing Lists: You can easily share your list via text message or an attachment. 

What I wish was included: 

  • Collaboration: I wish there was a way to add a collaborator to your lists. So that if you are dividing and conquering with your significant other, you could update each other's list. 
  • Facebook Contact Integration: I think pulling contacts and images from Facebook would be another great way to further customize the app. 

At the end of the day, it's a tool to help you put a little extra thought into your holiday shopping, and keep things organized an on budget. For $1.99 you are not breaking the bank, for a little extra nudge.

Christmas List is available for both Android & Apple Devices and can be purchased via the links below: