Squarespace Putting Skin Into The Email Marketing Game

Watch out MailChimp...

Squarespace announced in June that it would be adding email marketing tools to its already design-focused platform, allowing users to seamlessly turn their subscribers into buyers through a few clicks of a button. 

So instead of having to integrate your subscriber list to MailChimp, familiarize yourself with another platform, and then try to remember yet another password to login and send an email blast, you can do it from the comfort of your Squarespace dashboard. 

Why haven't you seen it? 

Good things take time and in order to avoid getting all of those emails blacklisted, Squarespace has been rolling it out in phases, keeping the integrity of their emails and avoiding potential backlashes form Gmail and other email services. 

According to Squarespace, the roll-out should be completed in the next 2 - 3 months. 

Email Marketing Features We Love

So, we were lucky enough to get early access to the platform, and we did a stroll around to test what it was all about. 

Here's a little bit of what we loved: 

  • Design of Templates: This is what we've come to expect from Squarespace. Simple, elegant, and eye-catching templates to draft your campaigns from. 
  • Integrated branding: Why do double the work? Squarespace integrated some of your site's branding right into your newsletter. Streamlining the process to incorporate your logo and other branding. 
  • Block design: If you've created your own website on Squarespace, you'll easily be able to pick up designing your newsletter. With a similar block structure, you can customize content to match your vision. 

Features We Want To See

It's going to be a bit before Squarespace really becomes a contender in the email marketing game. We liked a lot but would love to see some of the other features that we've come to expect with email marketing tools. 

Where things can be improved: 

  • Analytics: While you get open and click percentages, there is nothing about what links were clicked, or who engaged with the content. 
  • Segmenting list: There is no way to segment an uploaded list. It would require some manual exporting and re-importing to drill down to a segment of your larger list. 
  • Fonts: The only option is to choose a font collection which can limit things if your brand has a specific font. While this is good to keep things cohesive, it will definitely limit some users' ability to fully match their brand. 

eGuide Walks You Through Squarespace Marketing Tools

Let's dive in a bit further! We took a little spin around some of the features and put together a digital walkthrough of what you can expect!


What do you think?

Looking forward to trying it out? Do you think you'll stick with MailChimp or Constant Contact? Let us know!