Work Smarter, Not Harder With These Free Apps

Work Smarter, Not Harder With These Free Apps

New Year, New…

New year, new you, right? It’s the mantra that’s chanted from every Starbucks loving millennial (including myself — literally sipping from a Starbucks cup as I type) from just before the ball drops to the the end of January. It’s the time where we focus on going back to the gym, improving ourselves, trying a diet, doing a health challenge, the list goes on. But what about your technology habits?

When’s the last time you’ve backed up your device?

When’s the last time you’ve update your apps?

Shouldn’t healthy technology habits hit somewhere towards the top of the priority and resolution list as well?

eGuide Takes You Through Trello

eGuide Takes You Through Trello

We've talked about the features and functionality ( that Trello has to offer, and now you can see us actually walk through the program! 

In the video below you will see eGuide Tech Allies owner, Gregory Perrine walk through how to set up an account, and get going with Trello

Trello | Project Management Made Easy

Trello | Project Management Made Easy

With emails piling up in your inbox, apps pushing notifications through every few moments, and group text conversations blowing up from last weekend's festivities, it's no wonder why many people have technology paralysis and can't seem to complete a simple project or task. 

Enter Trello.

Digital Stalking Made Easy

Use this app to come prepared for any meeting.

If you are in any sort of sales or development position, have you ever been thrown into a last minute meeting with a stranger at the request of your boss? Or have you gotten connected to a new lead through a pre-existing contact, but don't really know all that much about them? 

Well there's a free app that does all of the digital stalking you would do on your own. Before you take a step into a meeting, the app sends you both an email and push notification with all of that information in one place. 

It's called Charlie:

By linking your LinkedIn, Calendar, Facebook, Salesforce Account, Email, and Twitter accounts, Charlie will scour those outlets informing you of both personal and professional items of interest for anyone you have a meeting scheduled with. 

Charlie will suggest what interests you may have in common with that person. What company highlights you may be able to bring up in the conversation, and if the person you are meeting with has been featured in any published articles. 

Not only does this open up some time in your schedule, but it will also make you look like a well researched profession in any meeting.

Don't be weird, though.

Part of being a successful sales or development professional is being able to weave in topics with the person you are meeting with without forcing it, and having the meeting turn into an interview. 

We recommend glancing through the email and the app before you walk into a meeting, choosing a few things to catalog in the back of your head to bring up throughout the meeting, and then don't reference it again until the meeting is over.

Just because you DO know a fair amount of things about the person you are meeting with, DOES NOT mean you have to interrogate them, or regurgitate all of the research you have done back to them. 


Free Yourself From Photos Storage

Let go, Let Google...Photos

Yes, while iCloud is convenient for sharing your photo library between iDevices and making sure that you have things automatically backed up. It's a bit of a challenge to delete a photo from your phone, without it also being deleted from iCloud. 

Well the solution is easy -- Google Photos automatically syncs with your iDevice Library: uploading pictures to the cloud, so that you can delete the original and free up some more space on your iPhone or iPad. Google Photos isn't the only one that does this, if you are an Amazon Prime user: Prime Photos is an alternative solution. And there is always setting up your Dropbox to auto sync with your iPhone Library as well. 

Needless to say -- get the originals off your Phone. There is little to no time we are left without Wifi or LTE that we won't be able to pull them from a cloud based storage solution. 

Photo Storage Tips for iPhone

Here are some other useful iDevice Photo tips to make sure you are optimizing your storage! 


For a full reference of cloud storage solutions, check out this great comparison:

Feel free to put some comments with questions below, or shoot us an email. We'd love to chat! 

Veri ~ A New Way to Capture a Wedding or Event

Let's face it, the average person is addicted to their smart device. Whether it's Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we fill our time with consuming thousands of micro-moments captured through social media.

Your wedding day is no different.

We've all been there, sitting in the crowd as a close friend is about to say, "I do", when suddenly we look around only to be met with a sea of smart devices looking to capture that special moment.

But then what? That photo might make its way to social media, where from the honeymoon suite the betrothed couple will swipe through, savoring the magic from the hours prior, only to have it be logged away in the abyss of big data.

What if there was a way to get real time photos of your wedding from your guests AS THE WEDDING & RECEPTION WERE TAKING PLACE?  

Well, there's an app for that! Veri - is a per event subscription based app that allows photos taken from your guests smart devices to be automatically uploaded to a digital gallery. Essentially it's a modern day solution to dropping a disposable camera on each guest's dining table. 

The amazing thing is, since everything happens in real time -- while the wedding party is taking family formals, and the guests are on the way to the reception, you are able to keep an eye on the action, seeing who's wearing what, who's chatting with who, and who's about to make a fool of themselves. 

Following the event, the subscriber is allowed access to all of the pictures to do as they please. No need for a wedding hashtag, and scouring through social media to re-claim the day. 

Pricing is incredibly reasonable:

  • 1 Event for $97

  • 3 Events for $147 

  • 5 Events for $175 

You set the time and dates you would like the app to be live, and guests download and select your event. From there any picture taken on your guest's device will automatically be uploaded. 

What about those less than flattering selfies you don't want to share? 

Each user has the ability to delete pictures from the gallery during the event. This means that that reel of glamour shots you needed to get that one good pic, doesn't need to be shared with the class, you can choose your best and delete the rest. 

So for those newly engaged couples, who are in the initial planning stages of your big day, invest $100 - $200 to capture the memories as they happen. You won't regret having all those pictures in one place after the "I dos". 

App Review: Christmas List

There are 37 Shopping Days Left before Christmas

If you are like me, shopping for the holidays sounds fun in theory, but as the days tick away, I always find myself running down to the wire, scrambling for that one "hard to buy for person". 

There's an App for that -- Enter Christmas List

Christmas List retails for $1.99 in the App Store and is designed to help you keep tabs on your holiday to-do list. 

So it's $1.99 to create a list in a fancy format? 

At the end of the day, yes. But there are some great features that extend beyond pen and paper or a spreadsheet.

Here are some highlights: 

  • Groups: You can easily organize your family, friends, and colleagues into separate groups and pull from your contacts for further automation
  • Budgets: After inputting contacts you can easily set a gift budget per person
  • Progress Update: You can easily check the status of your purchasing through the progress section.
  • Sharing Lists: You can easily share your list via text message or an attachment. 

What I wish was included: 

  • Collaboration: I wish there was a way to add a collaborator to your lists. So that if you are dividing and conquering with your significant other, you could update each other's list. 
  • Facebook Contact Integration: I think pulling contacts and images from Facebook would be another great way to further customize the app. 

At the end of the day, it's a tool to help you put a little extra thought into your holiday shopping, and keep things organized an on budget. For $1.99 you are not breaking the bank, for a little extra nudge.

Christmas List is available for both Android & Apple Devices and can be purchased via the links below: