Grammarly: Your Personalized English Teacher

Grammarly: Your Personalized English Teacher

Facebook and G-Chat are just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to the modern apps that allow us to write and present a vast array of texts and responses. Grammarly is a grammar checking software that realizes the multifacetedness of modern communication, thus providing a service which allows us to manage our grammar from LinkedIn, Messenger, Salesforce, and beyond.

Grammarly takes AI to another level with their services. From an analytics standpoint, the software serves as your modern day English Teacher but this time around you don’t need to formally take an exam. The software provides you with individualized feedback detailing how your grammar skills rank amongst its other users as well as your most commonly repeated grammar mistakes. Your platform is irrelevant as Grammarly utilizes both Chrome and Mac operating systems.

The software also has free and premium subscriptions, with the latter diving deeper into your communications and offering feedback on topics such as impoliteness and ineffective language in your text. At its’ core, Grammarly serves as a much needed software to manage the accuracy of our grammar in a tech era that has downplayed its importance. 

eGuide tours Grammarly

In this detailed exploration, eGuide’s very own Gregory Perrine walks you through the Grammarly experience from the initial download to the integration of Grammarly into your everyday life.