eGuide Tech Allies Tops the List of IT Service Providers in Chicago!


We are thrilled to announce that eGuide Tech Allies have been named one of Chicago’s top B2B companies in their 2019 report.

 Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews website located in Washington, D.C. Their mission is to connect business buyers with service providers through a transparent and efficient process. Clutch analysts interview clients to get an objective and verified account of what it is like to work with each company. The ratings are determined by the reviews along with a number of other factors, including market presence, capabilities, and results. Here’s a quick look at one of the reviews you can find on our profile:


Because of quality work like this previous job, we have scored among their top IT consulting services in Chicago.

 We also rank highly on a second site run by Clutch called The Manifest. It focuses on helping businesses grow by publishing business news and surveys and providing industry insights. The Manifest lists us among Chicago’s top web design companies.

 Clutch’s third site, Visual Objects, allows companies to present a portfolio of their past work. This can prove helpful to web designers by giving a quick glimpse into the work that they produce. Companies are divided by category and location to help buyers find the best fit.

Once again, it is an honor to be recognized as one of the best at what we do. We are looking forward to another year of successful business partnerships facilitated by Clutch. Contact us today to see what solutions we can provide for your company!