New iPad More Organization!

What does a busy day look for you? 

By Omar Hutchens

The second we wake up, and before we even decide to get out of bed we instinctively look at the clock. Time is a driver in our lives and getting the things on our agenda done is very important. Staying on top of that agenda is difficult when there are many moving parts with a small business or busy life. The tech industry is flooded with hundreds, if not thousands of ways to stay on top of your schedule. With staying mobile and active to execute said agenda is key, enter the new portable iPad 9.7. 

The new iPad is loaded with so many features and possibilities it makes a tech nerd, like myself, very excited. Yes, you’re probably reading and thinking of many other non-apple products out there that rival in many ways, but let's put preferences aside and look at our main point… organization. Technology today is all mixing and meshing in a great way! Consumers are pushing Tech companies further and further into shared services and features.

Say it with me...Headphone Jack

I’ll begin by stating that the iPad is thin and light only weighing about 1lb. What does that mean? Mobility! Lighter than the new Macbooks and Surfaces out there. It provides a good 9.7” sized Retina HD screen to allow for laptop-like screen real estate. With two HD cameras in front and back to allow for video conferencing and video chat. And guess what? It still has a headphone jack! Which means, if there is a video conference meeting, just pop on the headphones and remove some of that background noise. Security is still important and using the TouchID is always great for keeping your business private. (Boo! no FaceID yet!) Tho, it can be a good thing because if it’s an iPad that is used by multiple people in a workspace, then you can save up to 5 user's fingerprints to access the iPad - some food for thought. 

Nerd talk continued: A10 Chip that allows for fast processing, Wifi & Cellular availability, battery that lasts up to 10 hours, Retina HD screen, and Siri enabled. Loaded with the latest iOS 11. Few'h, that was a mouthful.

Apps Still Matter

But, how does that affect your day to day business routine… ready? 

iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system) is exploding with millions of apps from the App Store and honestly, we will not go through every single one today, otherwise this blog will continue for days! Stock apps first. Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Safari, iCloud Files, and Notes are great for keeping organized. Mail, for one, can store multiple work and personal emails in one location. A note of caution tho, this can be a blessing and a curse depending on how the accounts are setup. If you’re the type of person that can keep up with details and keep up what emails and differentiate accounts, then it’s a great blessing for you. Now, if you get distracted and are “too busy” to keep track of things like that, then keeping one account on there that is important for business or personal organization. The calendar is great because it keeps all the agendas in the same place which works (just like Mail) with services such as Gmail, Office 365: Outlook, Yahoo, and yes even AOL and other ancient services (sbcglobal..cough). A note of caution here: be vigilant to the fact that there might be some additional configurations with older services. Reminders app and Siri can be used together by either holding the home button or saying “Hey Siri” and telling her to remind you of critical meetings or future events. And those reminders can still be accessed in the Reminders app or Calendar app depending how Siri suggested. (This feature has saved many nerd’s lives!) Safari and Notes are your typical easy to use apps for web browsing and quick note keeping. Nothing new there and they are great to use when being mobile. 

Microsoft Office & G Suite

On to productivity. There are great apps now like the Microsoft Office suite which include Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. A great mention because of times I had to look at client documents while being mobile and needing immediate attention. Not forgetting about our other friends Google Docs, Sheets, Slides which are also another quick option and are web-based and of course Apples stock apps: Pages, Keynote, & Numbers. Split screen allows two applications to run side by side and give that busy individual a great way to multitask and get things done! Project management sites like Trello and agile project managing applications can also live in your iPad to manage those several time sensitive tasks. Time tracking services like Harvest can help visualize where your time is mostly spent on.

Write, Camera, Action!

The Pencil! Apple finally brought the romantic relationship between a stylus and tablet together to the affordable iPad 9.7! The Pencil is a great add-on, which makes users that have been wanting a stylus for a long time, rejoice! Writing a quick note, or taking down a quick number from a client is key and necessary for trying to “Pencil” in an agenda. Yes! Pun intended! There are many other accessories that you can add like Logitech keyboards for the writers too! It'll save the screen from the inevitable fingerprint smudge. 

Being organized has never been easy, and this blog will not state the fact that it is. BUT having devices like the new iPad, help tremendously because of the ability and features that allow a busy individual find peace of mind knowing that their day can be easily managed. We are not spokespeople for Apple and obviously not being paid for it, but when there is a great product that allows for that... let's shout it out!

It's All About The Benjamins

Yes, we understand that it can be expensive and costly for a small business but investing in a solution that helps with productivity and organization is priceless in our eyes. Even though, the new price for the iPad starts at $329! Wowza! Yup, I’ll stand in line for that. Just kidding! We’ll just order it and have it come to us!

I am very excited to showcase this for people that are looking to be a little more organize and don't have the thousands to buy a laptop. The iPad is not going to replace your laptop, but is a great companion for multitasking on the go. 

As an avid tech nerd, I do suggest to evaluate your current tasks and see if iPad is a great fit. Now that the busy day is over, sit back and know that your day is only easier with this addition. Best of luck!